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Need Plumbing Services in Lancaster & Rock Hill, SC?

We're just one phone call away

If your pipes have been leaking or your water bill has skyrocketed, turn to Hinson Brothers Plumbing, LLC for a solution. We offer comprehensive plumbing services throughout the Lancaster & Rock Hill, SC area. If your pipes are clogged or damaged, you can trust us to repair or replace them to resolve the issue.

Our team works efficiently to fix pipe problems. We'll be out of your hair in about two hours so you can get back to your day. Call 803-285-4961 now to arrange for plumbing services anywhere within a 30-mile radius of Lancaster & Rock Hill, SC.

You can count on us

Hinson Brothers Plumbing offers plumbing services. You can turn to us for:

  • Water line repairs
  • Water line replacements
  • Drain line repairs
  • Drain line replacements
  • Toilet and faucet repairs and replacements
  • Garbage disposal repairs
  • Hose bib repairs and replacements
We'll respond to your call promptly so we can get to your plumbing problem ASAP. If you'd like to be proactive with your plumbing, talk to a plumber about preventive maintenance.

Choose us to handle your water line repairs, drain unclogging and water line replacements. Contact us now.

Learn the signs of plumbing problems

Some plumbing problems are obvious, like a sink faucet that leaks or a toilet that won't flush. However, some can be harder to diagnose for a person who isn't familiar with plumbing.

Hinson Brothers Plumbing, LLC can help you identify problems. We'll complete a full examination of your plumbing for free. Some signs of plumbing issues you may need an inspection if you notice::

  • Declining water pressure
  • Spreading moist ground outdoors
  • Increasing drain emptying time

A drop in water pressure can be caused by blocked or broken pipes, while moisture outdoors can be caused by a broken or leaking sewer line. One slow drain is probably affected by a blockage, while multiple drains with the same issue indicate a more complex issue.

If you're experiencing any of these issues, hire let our reliable pros to diagnose and fix the problem efficiently.

How can you avoid needing plumbing repairs problems?

If you need plumbing repair services, we'll be happy to provide them, but we understand that you would rather avoid plumbing difficulties.

You can do that by scheduling regular maintenance services, which we offer through detailed in maintenance plans. With extensive experience, we have what it takes to keep your plumbing in good condition. Call (803) 285 4961 now to ask about preventative maintenance.

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