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Do You Have Outdated Pipes in Your Lancaster & Rock Hill, SC Home?

If so, you should schedule repiping services immediately

Polybutylene (PB) pipes are commonly found in Lancaster & Rock Hill, SC homes built between 1978 and 1995. Over time, these pipes break down and could rupture. If your home still has PB piping, it's a smart idea to replace your pipes. Contact Hinson Brothers Plumbing, LLC first for repiping services.

We'll replace your PB pipes with Uponor PEX (crosslinked polyethylene) pipes. Unlike conventional copper or PVC pipes, Uponor's products are...

  • Durable, so they'll last for years to come
  • Flexible, so they're less prone to leaking or bursting
  • Heat-resistant, so they won't release toxins into your water

Repiping typically takes between six hours and five days. Our team takes every precaution to keep your home safe and clean. We wear shoe covers and lay down tool mats to keep from damaging your property.

Contact Hinson Brothers Plumbing today to learn more about our repiping services.

When should you repipe your home? Reach out to us for repiping services if:
  • Your home is older than 50 years and the pipes have never been replaced.
  • Your water is red or brown. This could mean the pipes have rusted.
  • Your home has low water pressure. This could indicate a mineral or rust buildup in the pipes.

You can count on us to replace the piping throughout your home.

Noticed a leaky pipe in your bathroom?

We offer pipe repair for homeowners in Lancaster & Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas. We'll not only stop the leak, but we'll also take precautions to ensure that the repaired area won't leak again.

We'll make sure your pipes are installed correctly. We install shutoffs and braided supply lines on applicable fixtures, and we always use grade-A PEX water lines and PVC drain lines.

Call 803-285-4961 now to speak with a pipe repair technician at Hinson Brothers Plumbing.

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